Product Details:

New for 2012, Kitchen Lab will bring both fun and precision to your daily cooking. The measure and mix beakers are ideal for measuring ingredients and melting ingredients like chocolate and butter in the microwave. Perfect for mixing your own salad dressings and sauces, the salad mixers feature a leak proof silicone lid for shaking, storing and serving.

What makes Pyrex Kitchen Lab so unique?
The Pyrex Kitchen Lab range will bring you both precision and fun in your daily cooking. Products are functional and easy to use. This unique collection seeks to answer market trends and consumer demand for design products, high quality items to cook like a chef at home.
Moreover, glass is a hygienic material, perfect for mixing, shaking and measuring ingredients.

Why laboratory products in my kitchen?
Pyrex Kitchen Lab enables higher precision of measurement, than most over plastic items. For this range, Pyrex has used the same standards of production as laboratory equipment.
Our kitchens are like small laboratories! Cooking is like chemistry and we use tools for similar uses (mixing, shaking, measuring...).
Kitchen Lab products will bring a touch of design and originality.

What type of glass is Pyrex Kitchen Lab?
The Pyrex Kitchen Lab range is made of borosilicate glass

What do I do with Kitchen Lab products?

  • The shape with the silicone lid, which is called an Erlenmeyer flask, can be used to measure liquids and make your own salad dressings. The Erlenmeyer is also perfect for storing and refrigerating marinades, sauces and other liquids.
  • The other shape without the lid, called a Beaker, can be used to measure ingredients (flour, sugar, rice, liquids) and reheat in the microwave (milk, chocolate, butter). The spout makes the pouring easier.

Are Pyrex Kitchen Lab products microwave-friendly?
All are suitable for use in a microwave. They can also go into the oven.

Can I wash Kitchen Lab products in the dishwasher?
Yes, these products are dishwasher-safe.

Is the silicone lid airtight?
Yes, the silicone lid is totally leak proof, that allows you to shake liquids and mix them efficiently.